Jessie Fenech


Yoga Teacher Training

Kirsty, Elwood
Doing my YTT with Jessie, is one of the best things I've ever done in my life. Covering so many foundations in yogic philosophy and teaching, I want to learn even more from this incredible woman. A very nurturing and supportive teacher that I would highly recommend. A happy demeanour with light hearted jokes throughout her teaching. I'll be forever indebted to her.

Haley, Byron Bay
The 200hr Grow School Yoga program created and led by Jessie Fenech, completely realigned me on a renewed path of yoga, for which it was such a privilege to be a part of. As a student, I built on the foundations I already had and deepened my own yoga practice spiritually, physically & philosophically.

Jessie shared an incredible depth of knowledge, dedication to her students and love for yoga. Jessie truly has created such a warm, welcoming, educational, supportive, funny, honest, humble and caring environment to immerse in. The beautiful space, co teachers and other amazing students only added to the entire experience.

I am incredibly grateful to Jessie & her contributing faculty of yoga teachers involved in the training, for their energy, support, good humour, grace, kindness, abundance of love and heartfelt presence throughout my time at Grow School Yoga.

Claire, U.K
I completed Jessie’s 200hr vinyasa training in April 2017. From day one, Jessie created a relaxed and safe space for us to explore ourselves, our knowledge of yoga and go deep. We covered all of the key elements, anatomy, philosophy, asana analysis, teaching techniques, practical teaching practice but we also delved into the energetically of yoga, which I loved. Jessie is a great teacher - she's incredibly intuitive, is a great listener and guides you to find your own way as a teacher. I'd recommend this training to anyone with an interest in self discovery, finding your own voice as a teacher, and the energetics of yoga. This is a top training with the support of an experienced and amazing team.

Allie, U.S.A
Taking part in Jessie's training is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Whether I decide to teach or not the things that I learned during this training are invaluable to me. My yoga practice and honestly my daily life has transformed and I have fallen even more madly in love with yoga. I not only learned so much about yoga but I learned so much about myself. Jessie is such a great teacher, her sense of humor and relaxed attitude made what could be an intense full time training achievable. I am forever thankful to have met and learned so much from Jessie and to have also made some great friends along the ride.

Katey, U.S.A
Doing Jessie's teacher training was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Jesse's quirky and smart teaching style created such a warm and safe environment to giggle, explore and grow as a group. She had a team of incredible teachers, each of whom brought so much passion and knowledge to their subjects.

Jessie has created a wonderful teacher training course. I highly recommend studying with this beautiful human who's wealth of knowledge knows no bounds!

Emmeline, U.S.A
YTT with Jessie Fenech: do it, do it, do it! Not only was it a very meaningful experience with a great group of people, the quality of information is outstanding.

Jessie and her guest teachers the best that Melbourne has to offer. Jessie creates an environment where the magic of yoga can breathe and do its work on its students, and we all grew so much (and so quickly!) in that magic space. If you're considering it, dive in. You'll be grateful that you did.

Daniel, U.S.A
Firstly, let me say that I’m glad I made the decision to complete Grow School Yoga! I was initially hesitant about completing YTT, believing that my individual practice was not strong enough and not sure I was ready to teach. With a leap of faith and an open mind, I decided to give it go!

Jessie brilliantly fostered an environment of connection and authenticity that allowed each individual, and the group as a whole, to open up and grow. Her strong belief in each student’s ability, while continuously challenging you to reach beyond your own expectations, helped in building my confidence and reaching for new heights.

The diversity of content, guest teachers, and instruction methods gave the training great variety and built a unique energy. This allowed me to see, experience, and explore a broader range of yoga. 

I am forever grateful for the experiences, friends, and stories that have developed from my time at Grow School. I would highly recommend it! Thank you Jessie for your mentorship, encouragement, and pleasant spirit along my yoga journey.

Liv, Brighton
I did Jessie's Teacher Training this April and found it to be exceptional. I have been going to Jessie's classes for the past 3 years and knew her to be an inspiring yoga teacher, but as a trainer she is so much more. She is a very nurturing and supportive teacher who really works hard to help each trainee develop there own individual style.

Whilst she is a stickler for knowledge and alignment, there is nothing formulaic about her. Her warmth, humour and empathy helped to make the course one of the most positive and cohesive groups I've ever been involved in, plus we got through an astonishing amount of information and learning in a concentrated amount of time. I would 100% recommend her training to anyone who is looking to become a teacher or deepen their own practice- I can't wait to sign up for more!

Bonnie, Mornington
I attended Jessie Fenech's April YTT and hold it very dearly. It's a vessel of memories, and I cherish the three weeks of looking deeper within ourselves as a group and individually, mindfulness, sequencing, body awareness and a relationship with asana I hadn't previously cherished.

I enjoyed my time and was always welcomed in what ever state or stage. Knowledge and insight are never regrettable and Jessie shares an incredible amount through so many ways, including guest teachers I still hold in high esteem and seek advice from. Between the etymology of Sanskrit and the neurological science of mindfulness there's something for every one, if not just furthering your yoga practice.

Kat, South Yarra
I began Grow School Yoga in November 2016, I was expecting to only learn about asana and knowledge on how to cue people though sequences. What I actually learnt were things I didn’t know that I didn’t know. “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”, this course truely captured every essence of that.

The course was very well structured, Jessie and her co-teachers, who were all so skilled in their own right, brought on different layers of learning and expertise. Being taught and inspired by so many yogis was invaluable.

At the completion of the course I felt more connected to my self and just happy. I felt like there was true joy that beamed out from me and every person in my life could see that. I am now teaching permanent classes every week and love it.

Phoebe, Brighton
I'd wanted to do my YTT for years never found the right time, or the right teacher. In April, 5 months pregnant, and having been lucky enough to be Jessie's student for 12 months, I figured it was now or never!!

I'm so insanely grateful that I took the plunge and did it. If you're a student of Jessie's, you'll know how caring, funny, knowledgeable and passionate she is - and that's exactly how her YTT was run.
I came home every night and raved to my husband about all the amazing things I'd learnt that day.

I left the 3 week training feeling that I'd been armed with all the tools I need not only to teach BUT just to live life as a better, more conscious human being. Do it. Just do it. Doesn't matter if you want to teach now, in a little while or maybe not ever... if you love yoga and want to learn a bunch of stuff that will make you love it even more (and love life even more), just do it. You won't regret it for a second.

Public Classes

Jessie's classes are simple but, challenging and poetic. After class I feel strong and in great spirits. - Vee

Jessie is very informative, clear and well spoken, I love doing her classes. - Nicholas

I am a mature aged yoga student with many old injuries, I have been practicing on and off for 30 years. Jessie is the only teacher I have ever come across that makes me feel safe, strong and included, always! She is very knowledgable and demanding. I love her clear language, adjustments, corrections, modifications, variations, dry sense of humour and encouragement. Although her classes are always busy and full, she manages to know every single persons name, and interacts with every single person throughout class. Incredible, thank you Jessie. - Michelle

Best teacher . Easy to fall in love with her and with yoga. - Ronit

Jessie is an amazing teacher, do yourself a favour and join the journey! - Ric

I have practiced with Jessie for about 4 years now, in that time, I learnt soooo much. Each class is different, but her consistency lies in her steady class pace, details, safety, personal care to each student, personality and community atmosphere. I like how human she is and doesn't fit into the everyday 'yoga teacher' mold, it's disarming. - Megan